Ristorante Pizzería Edén

Italian Restaurant in Barcelona

We are Ristorante Pizzeria Eden offering the best pizza and the best traditional cuisine in Barcelona since 2012. A family business offering artisan Italian food cooked with love, where we will make you feel at home. Our cuisine is a combination of Italian tradition together with the most avant-garde pizzas. We are located in the heart of Barcelona’s modernism, just 100 metres from the Casa de les Punxes, 350 metres from the Casa de la Pedrera and 6 blocks from the Sagrada Familia.

Italian cuisine

We have everything from the most traditional pastas, risottos and desserts to vegan and gluten-free pizzas and focaccias. You can choose between three types of artisan doughs. On the one hand, the gluten-free dough with high hydration and 24 hours of fermentation. On the other hand, the Neapolitan dough with slow fermentation and high hydration, which gives the famous puffy and spongy edge. Finally, the Roman dough with a slightly longer fermentation time and less hydration, which produces a delicious thin, delicate and crispy edge.

We bake all our pizzas in just 90 seconds at 500 degrees in a stone oven.

Gluten Free Pizzas and Foccacias
We make our gluten-free dough using traditional methods.
Vegan Pizzas
We have authentic vegan and lactose-free cheeses as well.
Double fermentation dough
24 hours of fermentation and high hydration. It provides aroma, softness and favours a light digestion.
90 seconds
Baked in 90 seconds at 500 degrees in stone oven
Masa Romana o Napolitana
Choose between our Roman dough, with a thin, crispy edge or Neapolitan dough, with a thick, tender and spongy edge.
Seasonal Pizzas
We update our gourmet pizzas to the products of each season.
Traditional Pizzas
We have an extensive menu of traditional pizzas, the traditional ones.

Celebrations and personalised menus

We offer daily set menus, complete menus for groups, celebrations, company dinners, farewell parties…

We have Glovo as a take away supplier and of course, we can pick you up at the restaurant.

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