Our Menu

Italian Gastronomy

We cook with fresh products of proximity, we cook with love, we adapt the dishes to the taste of the client, that is to say that the client can create his own dish if he wishes, or choose if he wants to add or remove ingredients, giving the dish the personalised touch, if you like the intense flavour of the sauces you only have to tell the waiter and the chef prepares the sauce as the client wishes; likewise if you wish it mild in flavour. Gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan pizza and pasta dishes. Artisan gluten-free desserts made by us. Recipe of the Nonna, nonna who verifies that her recipe is respected at all times.

We offer an extensive menu with continuous novelties. As the latest addition, we have the house special lasagna, a traditional lasagna baked and covered with a thin pizza dough.